the technology
We understand real estate management.
That’s why every aspect of BGS technology is proprietary,
Custom created by our in-house team of top-talent engineers and developers,
Conceived with a vast knowledge and personal experience in real estate,
To ensure our clients are handed quality, cutting-edge technology
that really works .
step 1
smart sensors
The non-invasive, BGSControl smart sensors are placed in strategic areas throughout your property rendering your water and HVAC systems live. The connected IoT sensors stream real-time data to the BGS cloud.
step 2
the Edge22™
The Edge22™ is the primary control. With data it receives from the sensors, it controls the boiler and adjusts valves; automating the system. The Edge22™ then transmits the gathered information to the BGS Cloud.
step 3
The BGS Cloud
Intaking a tremendous quantity of data every second, the BGS Cloud plays the important role of allocating the information to it’s respective databases. It then organizes the data into understandable information, making it available on demand through the dashboard.
step 4
smart software
Your BGS Dashboard presents all this data to you in clear, easy to understand visuals, allowing you to understand your property’s utilities and make educated decisions. And, the BGS software gives you direct, remote control over your HVAC system, making it the ultimate smart management tool.
the bgs solution
smart management